Tire Pros Launches “Hassle Free” Brand Campaign

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Tire Pros

The new Tire Pros marketing campaign — which was previewed in February during the marketing group's eighth annual business conference in San Antonio — has kicked off with its simple, straightforward message.


“Hassle Free. Guaranteed.”


That's the message that all 725-plus Tire Pros locations will use moving forward.


The campaign, designed to drive traffic to Tire Pros locations, was developed by the American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD) business unit after extensive consumer research, as well as in collaboration with Tire Pros' Mission-Based Councils (MSB) and National Dealer Councils (NDC).


The multi-channel program is fully customizable for use in dealers' local markets, as well as in regional and national advertising spots.


“This campaign was built by and for our Tire Pros dealers, who we believe are truly the best in the business,” said Ron Sinclair, president of Tire Pros and senior vice president of retail strategy and partnerships for ATD.


“These marketing assets will drive consumer traffic and car count to Tire Pros stores. Our franchisees have asked for a multi-faceted campaign with both traditional and online digital components, and the councils delivered.”


Tire Pros said it is demonstrating its continued commitment to its franchisees with the unveiling of this marketing campaign that highlights the brand's hassle-free approach to automotive care.


The campaign, developed by Tire Pros' advertising agency, Charlotte, N.C.-based Luquire George Andrews Inc., features several creative assets. Perhaps its most visible spot is a TV commercial that harkens back to simpler times, with kids on tricycles, bikes and skateboards while an original music score plays in the background.


The voice on the commercial says, “Your first set of wheels didn't come with complications, or strings, or hassles. It can be that way again.” The spots end with Tire Pros' new brand promise: “Hassle Free. Guaranteed.”


The campaign includes several TV spots, streaming radio spots, print, social and digital ads, and other assets. It will begin this summer in local markets as well as nationally.


The goal of the campaign, according to Quick Chadwick, director of marketing services for Tire Pros, was to standardize the message. Before, he said, “It was 'all over the place.'


“We want a hassle-free experience.”


What can a consumer expect from a hassle-free experience?


“It's how you deliver a service in a way to make it as convenient as possible for the consumer — what I need, when I need it,” Mr. Sinclair said.


“Most people...really want an element of trust — when someone says you need a set of tires or new set of brake pads or need this work done, they trust that person and that retailer.


“One of the benefits our Tire Pros dealers have is that they've been in the market. This is their business, this is their livelihood. And being that local independent gives many of them one-up on the trust component. Now, if you can wrap in processes and technologies that enable them to develop and deliver that in a hassle-free manner, that's a great combination.”


Lynda Kester of Big Red Tire Pros in Lincoln, Neb., — who is a member of the MBC — said, “Announcements like this really validate our decision to join the Tire Pros family back in 2012. From technology and training to initiatives aimed at improving the customer experience, Tire Pros is constantly delivering new ways for us to grow our businesses and succeed in our markets.”


The TV spots were directed by award-winning film maker Elle Ginter, whose previous work included numerous short films, as well as commercials for brands such as McDonald's, Pampers and the ALS Association. Tire Pros said she was selected for her ability “to blend slight surrealism and intimacy into everyday moments.”


Ms. Ginter was one of 13 directors chosen for DGA/AICP'S Commercial Directors Diversity Showcase, and was included in Shoot's 14th annual New Director Showcase.


“It's about consistency, at a national, regional and individual store basis,” Ms. Kester said. “When we are all singing the same song of music, and we're all doing it together, we have a strong message we can bring.”



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