Improve your gas mileage with one simple trick

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 Did you know: Under-inflated tires wear 10 percent faster? 


Optimizing tire pressure is a key factor in enhancing both fuel efficiency and the lifespan of your tires – which can ultimately save you money. Tire pressure is directly correlates to gas mileage. Maintaining the right tire pressure can lead to a 3.3 percent improvement in gas mileage. For example, vehicles achieving 30 mpg could gain an extra 1 mpg by ensuring their tires are properly inflated. In a 15-gallon tank, you can travel 450 miles before filling it up. 


Maintaining your tire pressure is going to extend your mpg by an extra 15 miles. You can equate this to approx. $49.11 in savings (national average gas price, according to AAA on 2/21/2024 is $3.274)! When combined with the extended lifespan of tires due to optimal pressure, the savings at the pump could be substantial. Almost $200 in a month to be exact (if you fill up once a week).    


To check and maintain tire pressure, you can grab easy to use gauges at most auto supply stores, while dial gauges or electronic displays offer the most accurate readings. When checking pressure, it's crucial to do so when the tires are cool to prevent inaccuracies caused by heat.  


Understanding the dynamics of tire pressure is essential. Tires, being porous, naturally lose about 3.5 psi over a year, even without leaks. Consumer Reports revealed this phenomenon, climate variations can impact tire pressure as well, with tires properly inflated in winter potentially becoming overinflated in hot weather, and vice versa. Stay proactive in maintaining proper tire pressure year-round to maximize fuel efficiency and tire longevity. 

Follow these steps to measure and adjust tire pressure:

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1. Unscrew the cap from the tire valve 

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2. Position the gauge on the valve and press it down.  

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3. If inflation is needed, use an air pump to reach the recommended pressure,  

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4. Inflate only to the pressure noted on the sticker on the driver-side door jamb.


Keep those tires pumped up and watch your savings soar while your wheels roll smoothly. Remember, a little air goes a long way in improving your gas mileage and making those tires last longer. Don't forget to check your pressure regularly and follow our easy steps to ensure your ride stays efficient and economical. Happy driving!  


You can find your local Tire Pros location to have your tire pressure's checked when you purchase the Tire Protection Plan. 





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