Five Facts about ATD you need to know

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To be the most connected and insightful automotive solutions provider.
—The ATD Vision

Aligned with your business,  
from the first mile to the last

We've been helping customers grow their business while serving America's drivers across the United States since 1935. Our purpose is to help our customers thrive and drive into the future. So how many miles a year does our fleet drive? How many customers do we have? When you're almost 90 years old, you think you know everything, right? Read along to learn some facts about ATD that may even surprise you. 



1,600 private fleet vehicles


Our fleet of 1,600 private vehicles that drive over 53 million miles a year. We take a customer-focused approach to supply-chain and tire distribution, giving customers more control over purchases and delivery timing. We're leveraging our ability to bring the full spectrum of last mile capabilities, including data and analytics, 3PL, route density, and dynamic route optimization.  We have created a combination of 120 distribution centers, mixing centers and our very first regional distribution center with over 75,000 square feet (which is about 16 NBA basketball courts) to serve our customers daily. 


How We Get There




Over 80,000 customers and 15K active products.



We have over 80,000 customers that have access to the massive market of 15K active products. One connected hub for the auto aftermarket. Integrating tires, parts, and solutions into one connected experience, giving you the same shopping ability that you once had with ATDOnline plus more




Over 1,000 customer support staff 


There are over 1,000 customer support staff ready to help current customers with 10 additional onboarding specialist, specifically ready to answer your questions when getting set up. Behind every call, every inquiry, and every question, there's a team of dedicated associates who embody the essence of empathy and serving customers. Among them stands a beacon of loyalty and experience, our longest-tenured team member who has worked with ATD for an outstanding 42 years as of this May. Surrounded by 20 other associates who have journeyed with us for 30 years, and a further 37 who have dedicated 10 to 20 years of their lives to serving you, our valued customers.




45 million units delivered each year. 


ATD brings increased efficiencies to the entire supply chain. We’ve done this through strategic investments in data-driven analytics and technologies, and by consolidating and optimizing our entire distribution network. We’ve also introduced cross-docking, which facilitates rapid stock replenishment.  


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The preferred choice with the largest network and broadest inventory.


Radius gives you the broadest selection of tires and wheels allowing you to serve your consumers better than ever and simplify how you manage the day-to-day. We are all about bringing you solutions that work to boost sales and drive growth.




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