American Tire Distributors Honored as Award Winner in 2023 Seal Business Sustainability Award for Enviornmental Initiatives®

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Today, American Tire Distributors (ATD) announced that it was named a winner of the 2023 Seal Business Sustainability Award for Environmental Initiatives.


The 2023 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards honors companies because of their leadership, innovative practices and commitment to sustainable business practices. These awards cover four distinct sustainability categories, including: Environmental Initiatives, Sustainable Products, Sustainable Services and Sustainable Innovations.


Each year, the SEAL Awards recognize the 50 Most Sustainable Companies in the World and the most impactful and innovative environmental Initiatives.


“We are honored to be recognized as a leader in sustainable initiatives,” said Stuart Schuette, President and CEO. “Innovation is at the heart of ATD and we are always striving to be better. We are proud to continue the work we’re doing with the tire recycling initiative.”


ATD was awarded this distinction because of its commitment to sustainable practices. In 2022, they created a new tire recycling initiative to collect scrap tires from retailers. They pick up the scrap tires when new tires are delivered, and then deliver the scraps to be recycled. This service was created to address retailers’ obstacle of getting reliable, environmentally friendly scrap tire pickup from scrap tire haulers.


This tire recycling service reduces overall greenhouse gases (GHG) in the ecosystem by utilizing delivery trucks to backhaul the scrap tires to recyclers. After collecting the tire scraps, they are routed to be recycled, effectively lowering GHG while providing material for new products. There is also a significant potential impact in the ecosystem based on processing options available today, likely in excess of ATD’s current measured impact. This impact is likely to have significant economic value to other actors in the system.


2023 SEAL Sustainability Award honorees ranged from well-recognized brands (like Cisco, Disney, GE, Honeywell, Kroger, Mastercard, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Southwest Airlines,T-Mobile, and Under Armour) to high-growth start-ups and scale-ups (like Flowspace and PATH).


“Granularity was the theme of the 2023 sustainability awards. Across all industries and geographies, companies are going deep and granular - into materials, chemistry, processes, R&D, and more - to generate sustainability improvements,” commented Matt Harney, Chairperson and Founder of SEAL Awards. “Corporate ESG leadership - like our 2023 honorees have demonstrated - is absolutely needed to address our climate crisis.”


Details about the 2023 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards and the list of 2023 award winners are available at


About American Tire Distributors

American Tire Distributors is one of the largest independent suppliers of tires to the replacement tire market. It operates more than 115 distribution centers serving approximately 80,000 customers across the U.S. The company offers an unsurpassed breadth and depth of inventory, frequent delivery, and value-added services to tire and automotive service customers. American Tire Distributors employs approximately 4,500 associates across its distribution center network. In 2023, the company was recognized as one of Charlotte’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® and as a Silver Stevie award winner for Automotive & Transport Equipment (Large) Company of the Year.

About the SEAL Awards

The SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership) Awards is an awards-driven environmental advocacy organization. Their core beliefs maintain that our environmental progress requires true leadership, leadership deserves recognition, and recognition is a form of accountability. The SEAL Awards organizational pillars are our: Business Sustainability Awards – honors the most sustainable companies in the world, like Adidas, AMD, Cisco, and Tide; Environmental Journalism Awards – representative past winners include journalists from Guardian, New York Times, and Grist; Impact Campaigns – representative campaigns include #UpTheCupand Eco Rewards; and Environmental Research Grants – we funded a researcher in Ethiopia for 2022.


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