"Amigos" Bi-Lingual Carpet, 6' W x 6' D

$ 159.00

Vendor: Flagship Carpets

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Product Description

"Amigos" Bi-Lingual Carpet

The first educational carpet featuring two languages: Spanish and English.

There is no better time than early childhood to introduce a person to a second language. Amigos will help you take advantage of young children's ability to learn language quickly.

Use Amigos in your classroom and soon you'll hear your students talking about colors, numbers and other basic words in two languages.

- Made of stain-resistant 100% nylon, with mildew and moisture-resistant backing
- Easy to clean and static-resistant
- Flame retardant
- Bound edges, no loose ends or seams to unravel

Overall Dimensions: 6' W x 6' D

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