Heating and Circulation System for Non-Portable Fiberglass Baptistries

$ 699.00

Vendor: Fiberglass Specialties Inc

Model Number:

Product Description

Baptistry Heater

The most cost-effective heater available today!

- Field selectable to 120 volt/240 volt operation
- Produces 5500 watts of heating at 240 volt; 1300 watts at 120 volt
- Full Range Thermostat: Set it to your comfort level and forget it
- High Limit Protected: Keeps water at a safe temperature
- Pressure Switch Activated: Prevents dry firing. Heater won't activate without water in the heater tube
- Air button with 20' tubing for remote start/stop operation
- Includes mounting pad, pump and all necessary wall fittings
- UL Listed

Electrical Requirements: 40 amp GFCI circuit breaker (not included).

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