Resin Coated Aluminum Roof Cross, Ridge Mounted, 36" H x 22" W

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Vendor: Fiberglass Specialties Inc

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Product Description

Resin Coated Aluminum Roof Cross

This roof-mounted cross is an easy way to accessorize your church.

Lightweight and easy to install. Cross is hand-crafted, finished and pre-fitted to your roof dimensions.

- Manufactured from high-quality structural aluminum with a steel base plate
- 4" x 4" square tube construction
- Aluminum is coated with a polymer resin similar in composition to fiberglass gel coat

Overall Dimensions: 36" H x 22" W
Weight: 65 lbs.

Important: Your steeple will arrive with the roof pitch pre-cut to your specifications, so installation is simple. It is crucial, however, that you provide us with accurate information. Please follow the instructions below to determine your roof pitch.

How to Find Your Roof Pitch: To determine the pitch of your roof, place a level against the roof. From the point where the level touches the roof, measure out 12 inches. From this point, measure the distance, in inches, down to the roof. The number out will always be 12. For example. if the distance down to the roof is 6 inches, your roof pitch which would be expressed as 6" on 12".

When ordering, please specify your roof pitch and type of roof.

Model 460732 - Factory-installed Lightning Kit
Model 460731 - Factory-installed Decorative Ball

NOTE: Cross orders are considered custom orders and cannot be cancelled or returned. Our representative will contact you regarding your specifications.

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