Fore-Runner Mat 3' W x 10' L

$ 129.00

Vendor: Crown

Model Number:

Product Description

Fore-Runner™ - Part of the "Total-Care" 3-Mat System™

Protection against dirt, grit, moisture and stains.

"Total-Care" is a 3-mat all-purpose entrance system that protects floors and carpets. Fore-Runner™, Cross-Over™, and Walk-A-Way™ mats each provide specific floor protection features that, combined, cover the minimum distance of 15 ft. recommended by building experts to clean shoes throughly. Each mat sold separately.

Fore-Runner™ Features:
- Premium scraper mat provides vigorous scraping action to scrub off stubborn dirt and grit
- Ribbon polypropylene with durable loop-twist construction stands up to the harshest conditions
- 5/16"-thick, vinyl backed
- Easy to-clean, fade and stain-resistant
- Use outdoors

Dimensions: 3' W x 10' L

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