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Check out the latest Forbes article to see how Radius is continuing to innovate the industry. 


We launched Radius at SEMA and AAPEX in Q4 of last year, and the momentum has kept on rolling! Radius is the hub that integrates tires, parts, services and solutions into one connected experience for the auto aftermarket. Now, owners have a single platform and touchpoint for the tools and data they use daily. 


In the recent Forbes article, Four Digital Advancements That Will Improve Automotive Service Everywhere, Radius has taken the spotlight. This feature is a testament to the innovation and impact that Radius is making in the automotive aftermarket industry. 


The article dives into the need for:

  1. Urgent Innovation: Automotive centers often rely on various sources to find the replacement parts, accessories and tires needed for their customers. This web surfing takes technicians away from servicing vehicles.
  2. Speed and efficiency: Retailers must be able to react quickly through omnichannel options, with information that enables fast and informed decisions whether the customer is searching by phone or computer.
  3. Frictionless learning: The speed of business and a changing workforce require on-demand digital training so operators can keep their eyes on their trade. Digital learning would improve workflow, help retain technicians and boost business growth. 
  4. A centralized marketplace: Our research led us to create a new digital hub called Radius. We believe it will elevate the customer experience across our industry. Everyone in the automotive aftermarket ecosystem will benefit as it levels the playing field through transparency and access.


As Radius basks in the limelight of Forbes' recognition, with Radius leading the way, the future looks brighter than ever for ATD and the entire automotive aftermarket industry. 



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