Your essential summer road trip tips for a smooth ride

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You're ready to drive until the map turns blue. Before you take your summer road trip, we want to help save you money and headaches down the road. Here are a few tips to make sure your tires are prepared to get you on your ultimate holiday vacation and help you stay safe on the road. 



Any excessive wear should be inspected by a local Tire Pros shop professional before your road trip along with referencing your vehicle's handbook with each tip. Let’s share some other tasks to check off your to-do list before hitting the road.  


Don’t Over Think It & Don’t Overinflate It:

Inflate your tires to the tire pressure listed on the vehicle’s placard, usually in the door jamb. This will ensure the tires ride as they were designed for that vehicle and tire combination. Tire pressure should be checked when tires are cold and make sure the car hasn’t been driven for at least three hours. Remember to tightly close the valve caps and replace missing caps without delay.  

Rotate for Uniform Wear: 

Rotate your vehicle’s tires approximately every 5,000–8,000 miles to achieve more uniform wear and extend tire life. If you notice uneven wear, consult a tire dealer to check for and correct any misalignment, imbalance, or other mechanical issues before rotation. 

Alignment Matters:

A jolt from hitting a pothole or curb can misalign your front end and damage tires. Misalignment causes uneven and rapid treadwear. Have the alignment checked periodically, following the vehicle owner’s manual or if you experience a “pulling” sensation or vibration. 

Keep The Load Light

When packing, avoid overloading your vehicle, as it can shorten tire life. Every 200 lbs. of extra weight reduce fuel economy by one mpg, according to the RMA. Check the owner’s manual for the vehicle’s maximum load capacity. 

As you pack up for your summer road trip, in a car packed to the brim with your essentials and maybe Fido, don’t let tire troubles throw a wrench in your plans! Taking a few moments to ensure your tires are in top-notch condition can save you not only money but also ensure a smooth journey.  


Safe travels, we are here to help you #ThriveandDrive! 



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